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    Architecture & Planning

    The Benefits of Site Architecture and Planning

    There is a misconception that a pretty website is a great website, but at dzine it, we recognize that a lot more goes into developing a business website than just a bunch of beautiful pictures and eye-grabbing graphics.

    If you were building a new house, would you simply dig a hole, buy some bricks, start laying them and see what evolves?

    Of course not, it takes careful planning and engineering to build the home of your dreams and it takes the same to build a successful website. Unfortunately, many websites are built without any thought about the site’s architecture. Just like your home, if a website is built to the architect’s specifications, it will be easier to use, easier to manage and it will meet your goals.

    At dzine it, we will be your general contractor, handling every aspect of your business website, from creation and management to improvements and updates.

    Information Architects

    Information architecture refers to the process by which your website development team creates a plan and a structure for the information that your website will contain.

    At dzine it, we create a blueprint for our clients, factoring in their target audiences, content needs and navigation structure. By working with you and your staff to carefully consider each of these factors, we lay the foundation for a successful web presence.

    Our talented team of website consultants, coupled with our staff of in-house graphic designers, marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) experts, not only zero-in on your unique needs, but the needs of your customers as well..

    As a business owner, you already know your target audience, even if you haven’t given it much thought. Our website consultants will help you better recognize your audience and their online behaviors so that you can begin to plan your content and decide how it will be presented to them.

    Once we have targeted your users, our team of Internet marketing and copy writing experts will create the search-friendly and user-friendly content that your business needs to be successful online. Often, content will be organized by subject and that structure will likely be used as the basis for your website navigation.

    A website’s content and its navigation structure are more important that most people realize. Website visitors are looking for information quickly and if a website is not organized in a way that can meet their needs, they will go elsewhere.

    At dzine it, we have what it takes to create websites that are not only visually pleasing, but easy to navigate and easy to use, for both potential clients and search engines alike.

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